Frequently asked questions

What is website conversion rate?

Website conversion rate is a critically important metric used to measure and improve website performance. It is typically calculated by dividing the number of defined conversions by the number of visits to your website (expressed as a percentage). In some industries, and depending on what you're actually trying to measure/improve, it might be calculated using a segment of visits (vs. all visits). For example, a local plumber serving Colorado might have a 4% conversion rate when using all visits, but a 14% conversion rate when visits are segmented to only calculate the number using visits in Colorado--after all, can the local plumber really expect a visitor from China to convert? Not likely.

How to Track SEO Rankings with Google Analytics

If you want to track your organic rankings in Google, there are a number of commercially available SEO tools that will get the job done. However, few people realize that you can use Google Analytics to track your SEO rankings. Not only can you customize Google Analytics to show your keyword rankings alongside the rest of your data, unlike other tools, Google Analytics is an excpetional bargain at the low, low price of FREE!! Read on for the step-by-step setup guide.

What is Bounce Rate and is it important?

One of the more commonly referenced website analytics terms is "bounce rate." What is bounce rate? What does it mean? Is it an important metric to monitor? Let's start with defining what a bounce is. A bounce occurs when someone visits your website, views a single page, and leaves. In this scenario a website tracking tool like Google Analytics, would report one bounce or a 100 percent bounce rate (depending on which type of report you run/view).

What is content marketing?

When you create content with the intention of attracting and engaging prospective customers, you're engaged in content marketing! The content you create can be articles, blog posts, case studies, custom magazines, email newsletters, microsites, webinars, videos, and much, much more.


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